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Google Photos Alternative Free – For the Great Safety of photos, Google photos are the best option to choose. it is one of the favorite photo storage and photo sharing services in the world. However, in June 2021, it stopped the free-of-cost unlimited storage facility for the user. Now, For Free, it only offers 15 GB of storage per account that is shared over Gmail, Gdrives, and More google services.

For More Storage, google photos have pricing plans that you can buy for extra photo hosting storage. You can check below the latest pricing of google photos –

Pricing ListDetails And PriceFor Extra 100 GB– ₹130 Per Month

– ₹1,300 Per YearFor 200 GB– ₹210 Per Month

– ₹2,100 For AnnuallyTotal of 2TB Storage– ₹650 Per Month

– For Annually ₹6,500Note: Pricing List Last Updated is 25/03/2022

It works on all devices from android, IOS, And Web. you can download the google photos app from android and the ios app store. Moreover, you can browse the site through any browser.

it is supported images in any format and automatically creates galleries and adjusts all the pictures in Date, Location, Time, Face, and more. Above All, it allows backup.

For More Storage, There are few photo hosting services in the market that could be better google photo alternatives to choose from. There are a number of people who find an alternative to google photos for a decent price or additional features. moreover, for more free storage Too.

Through this article, we are going to share with you Alternatives of Google Photos For finding the Decent option Choose.

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