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Download Minibus Simulator Vietnam APK and Experience the Realistic Driving Game

Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a well-designed and realistic simulator where the participant will be able to master the skills of driving a passenger minibus. In the game, he will travel all over modern Vietnam, visit various cities and villages. At the disposal of the gamer will be a large-scale map of the entire territory of a large Asian country. He will see the most beautiful landscapes, famous cultural and historical sites and unique places. The project allows you to get an unusual driving experience and spend your free time interesting.

minibüs simulator vietnam apk

Download apk:

The game Minibus Simulator Vietnam for android includes many minibuses with different technical characteristics. Each model allows you to carry a certain number of passengers. The user needs to choose a suitable vehicle, improve its design and basic parameters. A special editor opens up wide possibilities for customization. You can repaint the car, add original prints, install new wheels, fasten bright Vietnamese flags. After that, you should leave the garage and start completing tasks.

Playing a minibus driving simulation game is not strange, but what if you could drive the minibus around the streets of Vietnam yourself? Minibus Simulator Vietnam is the game that will bring you this exciting experience.

Taking advantage of this feeling, the developer Minibus Simulator Vietnam has brought this pretty cool simulation game with the goal for Vietnamese players and anyone curious about the streets and traditions of Vietnam. Through the game and the attractive minibus driving simulation missions of each level, you will have the opportunity to look back at the streets, and the vehicles moving on the typical roads of Vietnam.

In this bus driving simulator, you will play as a professional driver, have many levels of driving license, and can smoothly drive many different vehicles, such as 12-seater, minibus, 29-seater, 16 seats, which are all popular passenger buses in Vietnam. Almost no type of bus can make it difficult for you.

Remember to note that minibus drivers in Minibus Simulator Vietnam need to strictly follow the traffic laws in Vietnam, and pay attention to the signs to do the right thing. Because once you break the law such as running a red light, or speeding recklessly, the traffic police will immediately appear to arrest you and imprison your license for a while.

The driving simulation in Minibus Simulator Vietnam itself also plays its role well. The engine equipment on the bus works like the real thing, from mirrors, headlights, rear lights, rolling wheels, wipers, gearshift levers, brakes, GPS navigation of the bus, and manipulating the engine to turn on and off. Pick-up and drop-off doors are all simulated like real-life minibusses, bringing you into a rare realistic driving effect.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a minibus driving simulation game transporting passengers and luggage with good realism, accurately simulating driving operations on the Vietnamese street scene. If you want to understand Vietnamese streets and traffic, just play this game.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a high*quality simulator in which players will take to the streets of Vietnam where different models of minibuses are waiting for them. Which is already very popular worldwide and especially here. In this way, the participants do not remain unemployed and always have the opportunity not only to earn money for subsequent upgrades or the purchase of new equipment, but also simply to have fun. At the same time, you should not arrange races or crazy maneuvers. The physics, whimsical controls, tracking infractions, imposition of fines, and other factors provide a comfortable level of realism for those who like high difficulty.

Description : Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a simulator for driving a small passenger minibus through the streets and streets of Vietnam. Players will enjoy trips both into the cities and beyond. Execution of tasks for the delivery of passengers as well as compliance with the road traffic regulations. Well-developed graphics, appropriate behavior of other participants on the route, the work of the police in monitoring compliance with the speed limit, the need to go to gas stations and other specialized places, the vehicle pumping system, the purchase of new models, etc. and many other things make the gameplay very realistic and exciting for drivers. Features : * Rainy weather system, automatic day and night cycle time. * All new graphics with more realistic signs, road markings, 3D models of streets, trees and houses. * Traffic police fines if you pass a red light, drive too fast, ... * There are automatic bars at the bus station and at the toll booth. Tickets must be bought and paid for when passing the toll booth. * There is a GARAGE system for upgrading the vehicle with more than 40 kinds of paint colors, almost 20 kinds of Radlazang wheels, and dozens of additional accessories for every type of vehicle such as helmets, flags, car assistants, ... * New flexible license plate change system, can change the background color, number color, size, and font of the license plate, especially the country flags on the license plate.

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There are many types of minibuses available in this game right now which includes Ford Transit, Hyundai County, Toyota Hiace and many more. Each of these vehicles can be customized further so you can change the paint, wheel, accessories and the skins. Enjoy a realistic driving experience today as you drive through the streets of Vietnam and take passengers everywhere. Enjoy the realistic controls here complete with the accelerator, brake, steering wheel, gear shifts, and other switches.

Here, there are plenty of minibuses you can drive today such as the Hyundai County, Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace and many more! Each of these minibuses are unique and they each can be highly customized by changing the paint, wheel, and adding accessories. Enjoy full controls today as you get accelerator, steering wheel, shifting gears, signal switches, light switches, door switches and more! You can even change the camera view today in first-person or third-person POV. Enjoy a variety of places today as you take on many passengers.

You can enjoy plenty of minibuses today such as the Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit, and Hyundai County. There are also numerous upgrades that you can do on your buses such as changing the skins, wheels and accessories today. There are also plenty of controls here such as the steering wheels, brakes, accelerator, horn, signal switches, gear shifts and many more today. Moreover, you can also enjoy different weather systems today such as sunny, raining and night!

The Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk is a driving simulator. Just like Indonesian Train Simulator. You are a driver in this game. Your main task is to roleplay as a driver and take passengers from one stop and drop them off at their destination.

The Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk will allow you to drive a minibus on the roads of Vietnam. So if you are a citizen of Vietnam you will see many identical locations as the graphics and maps have been designed realistically all according to the real places of Vietnam.

The game features some cool minibusses of different kinds. You will get a stock bus at the start with limited workings. You can earn money and unlock the other upgraded buses so that you can accommodate more passengers and give them a comfy ride.

I love playing a unique simulation drive with Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk. The versatile playing modes are amazing with realistically modified features. I love the graphics quality with improved roads, street lights, and signals. The sound concerning moving scenarios is also lovable. I find it best drive simulation for the deep driving experience but the loading process is disturbing. Otherwise, with the best user-friendly interface, weather modes, challenging drives, and versatile vehicles I find it the best entertainment hub. We also recommend you to download trainz simulator 3 apk.

Unlike the other simulation games, the Minibus Simulator mod apk provides a full-time accuracy play with a huge list of realistic features. It gives a full chance of exploring Vietnam from all dimensions. Also, there is no limit on the driving areas but you can drive your minibus to different locations and city modes along with rural tracks. Likewise, the driving vehicles from Hyundai and Toyota to Ford transit all are added with their original features like 5 seats, electric mirrors, remote lock, steering wheel horn, and other such real features. It makes the drivers drive their favorite vehicles and explore them acutely. You can also download now internet cafe simulator mod apk from our website.

There are two basic modes to start the game, the manual one and the automatic one but some playing modes are also included in its gameplay that are adding fun. The gameplay of the Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk is made exceptional with several gaming modes, a user-friendly interface, and a license change option. In gaming modes, the users get mainly 4 main streams, joystick lever, tilt, steering wheel, and keyboard. These add great versatility to the game and proved to be a great source of relieving boredom. The easy and safe interface with perfect monetization is also participating in this way with a license plate change option to add versatility. In addition, now you can also download indian bus simulator mod apk.

Do you get bored with the fixed characteristics of your moving vehicles? Then customize your car by changing its color, modifying wheels, selecting seats, and adding other desired accessories to it like dragon village mod apk. You can paint your vehicles in the way you want and also change the wheels by adding a heavy or smaller one. Likewise, you can alter the seating spot and go for the multiple-seat option by adding 5, 10, or 16 seats in your minibus or van. It is also possible to change the object position with this modified version. Additionally, the customization can be applied to the weather conditions where you can turn to the rainy, hot, foggy, day or night modes.


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