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Naum Aksenov
Naum Aksenov

Foxit Pdf Reader Russkii Skachat

Hi, There. As newbie with Ubuntu, I have install Ubuntu 16.10, and I want to install foxit reader. Once I try to install with step that appear on foxit download page, why the installation directory on /home/username/opt not in root/opt folder?

foxit pdf reader russkii skachat

Hi Markerov. I recommend installing it to /opt/ directory to keep the file system organized. You can see from the tutorial screenshot that I specify /opt/foxitsoftware/fixitreader as the installation directory. You can delete /home/username/opt/ and start the Foxit installation over again.

This is facilitated by a specially designed structure. Equally important and clear interface of the application. The speed of performing various actions allows in the shortest possible time frame to perform the entire volume of tasks that are required by the user. This program also has a small size, which is also important during installation and further work. The ability to download the program for free is also a significant plus in favor of the foxit reader, which many users pay attention to. 041b061a72


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