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This mode is only available with the Beagle USB 480 analyzer. In this capture mode, the capture data is not streamed out of the analysis port of the Beagle analyzer until after the analyzer has stopped monitoring the bus. This greatly reduces the amount of USB traffic going to the Beagle USB 480 analyzer while the capture is active, and thus is primarily useful when the Beagle analyzer and the test device share the same host controller. Please refer to the Device Operation section of the Beagle datasheet for more information regarding the delayed-download mode of the Beagle analyzer.


To run a delayed-download capture, select the Delayed-Download Capture Mode option in the Device Settings dialog. During the delayed-download capture, there will still be a small amount of Beagle USB 480 analyzer traffic on the capture bus since the software pings the analyzer to retrieve capture statistics. Therefore, if the monitored device is High-speed and shares its host controller with the Beagle Analyzer, it is advisable to enable the Omit packets matching Beagle's device address option to filter out the few Beagle packets that will remain during the delayed-download capture. In addition, because the capture will be stored in the Beagle analyzers hardware buffer during the capture, enabling the Hardware input filter options may be useful to allow for a longer capture by preventing non-essential traffic from being saved in the hardware buffer. 041b061a72


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