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Blues Delight - If I Had Money \/\/FREE\\\\

When there was talk back in June of Tottenham being interested in signing him along with Richarlison, Lampard was adamant that he wanted Gordon to stay and that the club had no intention at all of selling him. Part of that might have been to head off fears among supporters that the Blues might be willing to sell off its most popular players this summer and part of it might have been a signal to Spurs, Newcastle or anyone else who might come knocking that it will take an awful lot more money to prise the homegrown winger away.

Blues Delight - If I Had Money

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(This is a mesmerising journey of a person who dared to dream, went against the norm and turned his passion into a lucrative profession. Taking the interview of this very inspiring entrepreneur was an absolute delight).

Although Prateek has built this lucrative company where revenues have been growing year on year, his first love is still being with nature and meeting new people. He has been successful in finding that envious sweet spot where he is still living his passion hands-on and his passion is making money for him. He loves to travel. The only difference is that now he travels with a bunch of other people who pays him for taking them along with him.

Those days, the internet being at its nascency, data was not available like how it is today. Prateek displayed tremendous foresightedness in collecting data manually. During his travels, with a pencil and a notebook, he took notes of each and every minute details. For example, on a particular route where could one find hot drinks or snacks to eat etc. (remember, these are remote locations and there were no smartphone those days). This manual database turned out to be the key in building his business and delighting his customers. 041b061a72


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