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Download Free Live Wallpaper for PC: The Ultimate Guide to Animated and 4K Wallpapers

Say goodbye to dull, static backgrounds and hello to captivating animations and dynamic movements. It's all completely free and elementary to install! So, why wait? Download our live wallpapers that allow you to personalize your desktop and reflect your individuality. Animated wallpapers on our website are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

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You can also customize a dynamic desktop by clicking on the Pictures folder under the Desktop heading, and once it's selected, check the Change picture box. This will have your desktop cycle through all of the images in that folder as your MacBook Pro's live wallpaper.

You can set the time dropdown menu to whatever you want, from a super active live wallpaper background (Every 5 seconds) to one that shifts from image to image slowly (Every 30 minutes).

Many live wallpapers you can put on Macs are Quartz animations, and you probably already have some Quartz animations on your machine: the default screensavers. These can be made into animated wallpapers pretty quickly.

Wait, you could make your 3D image as your phone wallpaper? Yes! Mobile phones nowadays are capable of doing these kinds of features. But the main question is where to get these 3D wallpapers? Apart from creating the 3D photos with Photoshop, you can sit tight as we provide you with the best apps to download these awesome screensavers. Here are the 5 Best Applications for downloading 3D background photos.

Our first app on the list is the Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper. It is an offline app, available only on Google Play, that provides users with beautiful outer-spaced-themed wallpaper. It offers a live wallpaper of a live asteroid floating into space. It has cool galaxy-themed color hues. They change dynamically, and with them are particles and space dust moving along. You can control the quality and settings of the asteroid, managing your battery life and phone's performance. The app is mostly free. You must purchase the app's full version to adjust the advanced settings. Nevertheless, it offers a cool 3D wallpaper if you are interested in space exploration.

The second app featured on this list is the Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers. The selection of wallpapers varies from planets, nature, landscapes, fictional characters, and more. It uses advanced technology to render and give a real-depth feel to the images of the wallpaper as it moves; this is the parallax effect. As a bonus, you can add your 3D wallpapers using existing images on your gallery and share these with the community. This application is downloadable on Google Play and is free of any purchases. Use this app if you want a variety of 3d live wallpaper.

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APPLAVIA's Live Wallpaper 3D App offers many free 3D and live wallpapers and themes. This app provides animated HD wallpapers and 4K live wallpapers. Additionally, these screensavers are available for home and lock screens. These numerous awesome wallpapers give you an excellent and modern touch on your iPhone. It offers fictional characters such as anime characters and superheroes, landscapes, and many more.

3D parallax offers high-quality HD live wallpapers with awesome-looking effects focusing on depth and the gyroscope sensor to simulate your phone's movements. Each wallpaper gives a holographic appearance on your wallpapers. It is pretty easy to navigate the settings on this app. Plus, there are also 4K wallpapers available. The only catch is that for each image that you download, you have to purchase it.

Parallax View Live Wallpaper provides you with a tunnel view wallpaper, considered 3D because of the depth effects that are inclined with your phone's movement. You can customize the color of the 3D tunnel and manually adjust the tunnel speed for each preset. There is also a setting where you can edit the starting and ending colors with the 3D photo editor. It is a free app available on Google Play. With this Parallax View Live Wallpaper, you can have free 3D wallpaper. The only catch is it has pesky ads.

The first app on our list is WallpaperAccess, a website that offers the best 3D and HD wallpapers available for desktop and mobile. With a simple search for your desired wallpaper, you will quickly get numerous results of what home screen you are looking for. This website offers free service. Plus, it's relatively safe to use! No viruses and malware.

Discover and download 3D live wallpapers with wallpapersafari. It is a web-based wallpaper downloader software that makes personalizing your pc much easier! Like the last website, you must search for your desired wallpaper and then look at many results. Select and download the live home screen, then set it as your background, just like that! That is why wallpapersafari is one of the best websites for 3D wallpapers.

This website allows users to browse through wallpapers in categories; of course, 3D wallpapers are one of them! Get the most realistic screensavers with this web-based software. You can download various themes such as Fantasy, Cartoon, Anime, Nature, Landscape, and much more! These wallpapers are exclusively for PCs but, surprisingly, free!

Coming forth on our list is MyLiveWallPapers! It offers a lot of cool 3D anime wallpapers, and they are visually stunning! It excels in providing the most compelling fictional and fantasy characters. It has a simple and accessible interface that lets users easily search and download each wallpaper. With its specialty in providing animated fictional characters, it undoubtedly stands out on what it wants to offer.

Last on our list is Pixabay, an online software offering free stock of video footage or clips and, most importantly, live wallpapers. There are over 300+ results if you look for 3D live wallpapers. All the images and live wallpapers have a high-quality resolution and are very accessible and easy to search. With Pixabay, you have the versatility to explore what kind of wallpaper you want.

In conclusion, collecting and downloading live wallpapers for your PC and mobile is possible. Each software has distinctive features, and we hope you will have your preferred program. Please share this article as we want to help other users, like your friends or family. Please, visit our website for more helpful tips and solutions with our devices.

MoeWalls enables you to use live wallpapers on your desktop PC. Including 3D and 2D animations. MoeWalls is the ultimate software to add live wallpapers to your computer! From videos to real time graphics and interactive or audio responsive wallpapers, MoeWalls brings your desktop alive while taking care to not reduce the performance of games or maximized applications. We provides wallpaper engine for free.

High-definition images of cats or your favorite football team are nice, but after a while, they start to get old. With live wallpapers, you get a background that pops and shifts the visual display from bland to interesting. You would be adding an instant extra touch of ownership to your computer.

The Desktop Live Wallpaper app allows you to use any video file on your PC as a live wallpaper. Available in the Microsoft Store, the free app will let you use Windows Media Viewer (WMV) video files as the live wallpaper.

To stop the video playback anytime, right-click the icon in your taskbar and click "Pause/Play live wallpaper". Alternatively, exit to leave the app completely and make your wallpaper static once more.

Available on all operating systems, the open-source VLC media player can play any video format available. It is one of the fastest methods to change your regular wallpaper to live wallpaper, albeit temporarily. You can only use the live wallpaper as long as VLC is open.

You can minimize your Push Video Wallpapers window to make it invisible. Selecting "Settings" > "Basic" > "System Tray Icon" will convert it to a system tray icon, hiding it from the taskbar's notifications area. Additional functionality includes a shuffle button, the ability to alter the video intervals, and a volume/mute button. These settings help control audio volume whenever you'd prefer to be working. Push Video wallpapers are one of the most common methods of getting live wallpapers on your Windows 10. Although it costs $10 to upgrade to more controls, the free version is suitable for most users.

As fun as it is to have an animated wallpaper, there are certain disadvantages to having live wallpapers. Live wallpapers drain battery life faster on a computer that is not plugged into a power source. The images in constant motion on your screen depend on your PC's CPU for rendering, which in turn, causes your battery life to reduce. Luckily, the battery drain is not as significant on newer model computers as on older ones. Live wallpapers also slow down your PC. However, this depends on the specifications of your PC; for lower configuration PCs with little RAM, live wallpapers put additional demand on the processors and slow it down.

Bing Wallpaper is a free wallpaper program that was developed by Microsoft for PC devices. This personalization software features a collection of wallpapers from around the world that has been featured on the Bing homepage. They can browse through the entire catalog and choose the one to set as their desktop background.

Using Bing Wallpaper is easy and simple. Once you have download and installed it, a program icon will appear on your system tray. Click on it to access its pop-up settings menu window. The first option will let you change wallpapers by clicking left or right. The second is a toggle to enable daily refresh for your wallpaper.

One of the less commonly known ways to set live wallpaper on Windows 10 is using the free VLC media player. To do this, launch the video in the player. Then select Video from the menu, and select Set as Wallpaper.


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