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American Dad!TV Show | 2005

Early in its run, American Dad! followed a similar formula to Family Guy, but quickly developed its own identity by emphasizing story and character development while downplaying most of its parent show's trademark shticks, like the cutaway gags, flashback twists, surreal humour, overly long gags, and frequent references to pop culture. Initially, the show relied on caricatures of political personalities, as well as some of the more visible and controversial aspects of the right wing's policies and ideologies (although granted, usually the Strawman Political version of said policies) and was, in MacFarlane's words, "...going to be the next All in the Family". Over time, however, as the characters' personalities began to be fleshed out, the show became less and less political in nature, to the point where only a small portion of the episodes featured politics as an active theme (curiously, as this was taking place, Family Guy was steadily becoming more political).

American Dad!TV Show | 2005

Alistair Covax is a minor antagonist from American Dad!. He's the show host of the fictional television show called "Night Hawks". More than that, he's a demonic being that has full control over the reality and kidnaps people from the real world to be used as extras.

Alistair is a laid-back middle aged man who enjoys jazz. He's a natural host who takes pride in the perfection of his show. He enjoys a peaceful environment full of people who like to listen to jazz. He has a very calming voice and demeanor. In his demonic form, he's a feral beast who rips apart anyone who disturbs the balance of his show. Alistair's personality is typical to that of other hosts from the black and white era.

After discovering a large television on the side of a street, Stan takes it home and sets it up in the basement. After turning it on later in the night with a prior failure, he is met with the show "Night Hawks" and Alistair as his host. Stan does not recognize this show, and after searching it up he gets no results. The next day he further researches the topic, but with little answers. He later finds a conspiracy organization with Tuttle as the host, and only other member. Later that same night, Stan finds out that Tuttle had been transported into the television reality. Stan works day and night until finally, he figures out that he can get in by jumping into the static being projected onto the wall.

After Stan arrives in the reality his appearance changes to suit the scene. Tuttle walks up to him and begins to regain his memory, which he had lost. He reveals that each rerun of the show, he looses his memory. He also reveals that they can't leave, even if they wanted to. Someone nearby overhears them and regains their memory. They try to escape, and the show ends. The guest is then ripped apart while the lights are off by Alistair. The show later comes back on and Alistair wipes his mouth as he walks away from the scene.

The show continues with Alistair asking Charlie to play another song on the piano. He next appears next to Stan and asks him if he's having a good time. Stan asks where he is and Alistair replies by telling him it's a party. He tells Stan that parties are fun, and so while the camera is on him he is to make nice conversation with a drink in hand and to enjoy the jazz. Stan objects and says he wants to leave. Alistair is confused, saying he's with other "Night Hawks" and that Stan's a centralist. When Stan tells him that he has a family, he just walks away. Stan and Tuttle soon after devise a plan to escape through the elevator. They rush to it as it opens and get to a car. As they drive on, the color returns, and they eventually reach their homes. As they say their goodbyes they open their doors only to realize that they're still in the television reality.

Roger Smith is the deuteragonist as well as the secondary antagonist of American Dad!. He is an alien who lives in the Smith family's attic. Stan feels he "owes Roger his life" after being saved by the alien at Area 51 four years prior to the show beginning, until in the episode "You Debt Your Life" when Stan saves Roger's life. Roger then tries to win back Stan through another life debt, and although he fails, him and Stan make up. Roger is a hedonistic alcoholic who takes on make believe personas and makes the Smith family's life extremely difficult with his vices, but since exposing Roger as an alien would endanger Stan and the rest of the family, those personas are Roger's only way of communicating with the outside world. He also has a strong addiction to junk food and can also hold long-standing grudges.

Roger is also shown to be a dangerous and scatterbrained sociopath committing theft, various drug offenses and many counts of murder throughout the series. He also killed five people plus a planeload of innocent victims for $20 and mentions killing six others for $19.

American Dad! parla di una tipica famiglia americana di quattro componenti: Stan Smith un agente della C.I.A. repubblicano, sua moglie Francine e i due figli adolescenti Hayley e Steve. Alla famiglia si aggiungono Roger, un alieno che Stan ha salvato dall'Area 51, e Klaus, un uomo nel corpo di un pesce rosso risultato di un esperimento della stessa C.I.A. negli anni settanta e che parla con accento tedesco (si scoprirà in seguito che era uno sciatore della Germania dell'Est). 041b061a72


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