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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Science 40: B - Sides, Patagonia Preme 2, Banes Beats Vol.2, Science 40, The Handgun Business Plan, Banes Beats Vol.1, Killers in a Coffee House, Thorough Old-Man, and 39 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $366.30 USD or more (10% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. The Correspondent feat. M7 & Pacis 04:04 lyrics buy track M7: Posted up under the El Fiends thinking I'm the dope man Smelly niggas sellin worxNeedles in the open Bitches with bad skinCome out the cut Pulling they pants upThey say what up And I respond with an utter disgust Her mamma keeps her kidsShe's a memory to her family She's sick and her addictionHas robbed her of her humanity Her sons grew to be killersTheir sisters became promiscuous And now she got her grandchildren caught up In the viciousnessIntermittent trAins above Drown out the soundsOf the sorrowful songs they sing When they come down from out the clouds And if u ask themThey just tryin to feel better Young buls risk they freedomBut seein no real cheddar Strike force on their bikesUp the block the wrong way It's Thursday they better runOr be in for a long stay And now they fucked upPlayin spades for soups Wit Jailhouse Juris Doctors Checkin papers for proofHOOK: On the battlefield/the visionary saw/how Arjuna was despondent/the war correspondent/on the battlefield/the clairvoyant saw/how Arjuna was despondent/the war correspondentJapreme Magnetic: Social disruption/economic destruction/military general/the campaign is critical/(Peace is the absence of all confusion)/conventional or unconventional/political entity/nuclear, biological or chemical weaponry/the unusual/circumstances of warfare/can incite apparently/normal individuals to commit atrocities/psychiatric casualty/war correspondents deliberately/go into conflict-ridden parts of the world/war journalism/mental to physical when I wrote letters from prison/magazine publication/the shooting of a Jewish man/damn-near boosted news media corporation ratingsHOOKPacis: Cant work with men but i correspond hammers ,Cant make ammends with short change bamaz , blackie chan face with some john wayne fingers, kinapping grown men cuttem like incans , slumpem inna chair gottem looking like lincoln , cool in the fire man stay smart thinking, murder them in cold blood and in not blinking , file tips down gottem cranberry drinking, punch a hole through them like kung pow chicken im clocking on dog and yall just ticking, i make my money then in out like nixon.HOOK 2. Operation: 13-13 03:06 lyrics buy track VERSE 1: Roundtable discussion on that SKS Russian/battling monsters and serpents/rifle shots will flip Suburbans/Murdering Men/spin barrels on rusty .38 Specialization/shoot you and get banned from the Nation/digital information/kill you with premeditation/14th and Kennedy assassination/R.G.M.HOOK: Bradley verses Provodnikov/Desert Eagle and a Simonov/Murdering Men VERSE 2: I came through rocking a peacock/Glock-17 with cecadas/in '84 I used to beat-box/bullet holes all in the sheet rock/you are not my brother/thugger we can shoot each other/mother fucker you're a holster/I'm that GunMan with the Righteous culture/overture of 30 cartridges/Murdering Men/stainless steel Smith & Wesson bracelet watches/R.G.M.HOOK 3. Black American Soldiers In Vietnam 03:14 lyrics buy track VERSE 1: It's warfare near my abode/with explosive lyrics/Military Road/I'm shown holding a banner/army clothes near Mayfair Manor/Cambodian reefer shipment/I dug a fox-hole for equipment/the Soviet Union backed it/U.S.A. government tactic/heroin in corpses losses/Bell corporation enforces/remorseless/sources of riches/sons of bitches/we're in ditches/firing that iron/girls with razors in their pussies trying soldiers will/kills multiplying/distilling rains/jungle terrain is awful/dripping brain matter from corporals/fucked up in this slaughter/post-traumatic stress disorder/riflemen in bushes/bullets pushes out internal organs in gushes/some are stressing crying/inadequate battle dressing dying slowly/still humping the Boonies lowly/a platoon leader's compassion/sharing some of his C-ration/blasting bullets plummet/from helicopters shocking your stomach/hence evacuation/elephant grass in undulation HOOK: "Black American Soldiers In Vietnam"/Vietnam Veteran/medicine/Democrat Republican/Vietnam Memorial/brown-skinned with a limb prosthetic/Purple-Hearted/declaration from the U.S corporation VERSE 2: Agent Orange made me vomit/I never saw Bob Hope the comic/despondent/gold bottom-row dental/Soul Alley is our residential/countless mental replays of/nobody loves us/on the backs of mothers/children pillage/in the fog/Vietcong village/the realist classification/killing men in desperation/morphine from the medic/injected into Magnetic God Allah/his chest (damn)/anti-war protest/in Northwest DC/we cuss at the sergeant's/ill-defined jungle war jargon/some got around prison/some were drafted in divisions of infantry/call us Grunts/anesthesia from reefer blunts of Thai-Stick/forest is thick/guns that I kick/makes you sick to your weakened stomach/the U.S. said they wanted/to stop the Vietnamese civil war/equivocally the poor's/aortal gets mortally wounded/bodies burned as firebombs consumed it/wished that it was over/hand grenade had booby-trapped a soldier's shoulder/until it dangled/while Jimmy played the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar/Allah's the GodHOOK: 4. Missiles With Internal Radar 02:12 lyrics buy track VERSE 1: Black market Stringers from Afghanistan/"Missiles With Internal Radar"/infrared signature/of the airplane/heat seeking missiles look for the temperature range/goes up in flames/definitely/aviation related weaponry/mentally/I control radio signals/advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles/"The Long Dream of Self-Protection"/warheads detonates in a fraction of a second/on the ground I holds it down with hand weapons/exception with the force of gravity/I even replaced the battery/good condition they're far from raggedy/no global positioning system in it/C.I.A. to the Mujahideen rhythmic/no disrespect to the Russians/SKS I hold dear to me touching the right-side of my head with my finger/calculating the speed of the Stringer missile and its target 5. Missiles With Internal Radar (Part 2) 02:21 lyrics buy track HOOK: Here's the slogan/helicopter fireball explosion/interwoven with the Hammer and the Sickle/80 thousand U.S. dollars per missileVERSE: Truck moving at 60 miles per hour/out of the sun roof/shoot it at full power/anti-aircraft missile shoulder-fired/blowing up the target that's desired/"How urgent is the get away?"/very/meet me on Taylor Street near the Petworth library/there's a catacomb known to us in DC/that extends to Rose's R.O.T.C./R.G.M. I'm grooming them/lift up that box made of aluminum/carrying case inner foam homes the weapon/to the missiles exhaust section now...HOOK: 6. Missiles With Internal Radar (Part 3) 02:00 lyrics buy track HOOK: Fuck up you repertoire/far beyond any song/that you stole or invented/blow up that jet that you rented/"Missiles With Internal Radar"/ain't got shit to do with a gay bar/"Missiles With Internal Radar"VERSE 1: Handheld SAMS microphone stands and gadgets/"Locked In The Trunk Of A Car"/The Tragically Hip/trip the switch to listen to the high-pitch whiner/the launcher is 4-feet long with view finder/AIM-9 Sidewinder defiant/missiles engraved with hermetic science and principles/the reticle lit up/radar imaging satellites bitch get up... Rock!HOOK: VERSE 2: Let's overpay Company employees/so we can live here with that loyalty/canopy smeared/with the of a pilot/one of many who appeared to die violent... Rock!HOOK: 7. It's A Nuclear Winter feat. M7 02:51 lyrics buy track Japreme Magnetic: Ash and dust in the air for years/traveled by the wind/it creates a wall between the Earth and the Sun/dropping the temperature/I thought incarceration was an adventure/"It's A Nuclear Winter"/fuck a G-500, younging/we need the dogsled/I'd rather be blunted instead/dangerous ultra-violet radiation/"It's all about The Seers"/no time to think about was it Iran or was it North Korea/ozone depletion/skin cancer/damaged cornea/triple layered in The North Face/knowledge-born ya'/protect the babies without failure/emergency heating supplies/goggles to protect the eye's/no electricity no gas no oil/bamas are unprepared in this type of turmoil/can't grow no food/can't grow no marijuana/social disorder and chaos/global climate change HOOK: Mother fucker/"It's A Nuclear Winter"M7: We got the Obama administration Surveilling our conversationsA whole lotta hope But not that much changingReagan to Bush Bush to ClintonClinton back to Bush again With very little differenceThey all democratize in the name Of God and CountryImperialist Ambitions While families go hungryIts a fisad that they fight For the freedoms of you and IWhile drone strikes Murder Muslim children from the sky A just us systemIn Which your skin color Is your crimeCan't afford paid attorneys Forced to plead out to timeCuz this shit is not designed For the public to defend youIt's vertically intergrated From the point they apprehend youThere's a war against the poor Be prepared for the falloutA nuclear winter And my niggaz is goin all out!!!HOOK: about This album is conceptually based on true stories and the educated for-seeing of potential events. "In peace, one prepares for war. In war, one prepares for peace." $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released December 5, 2013 *Recorded at: Spynehitaz Studio (Camp Springs, MD); Except M7's verses on "The Correspondent" and "It's A Nuclear Winter". Recorded at The Studio (Philadelphia, PA)* Cover art by: Japreme Magnetic (cartoonist) & Katrina Golash (graphic designer)* Written by Japreme Magnetic, M7 ("The Correspondent" and "It's A Nuclear Winter") and Pacis ("The Correspondent")* Produced, engineered and mixed by: Japreme Magnetic $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags cypress hill hip-hop/rap rush spectacularrgm the district of columbia underground hip-hop washington dc beastie boys neil young the tragically hip Washington Shopping cart subtotal USD taxes calculated at checkout Check out about Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

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