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Jack Davis
Jack Davis

Bang Bang You're Dead 720p Torre

Los Angeles homicide detective Jerry Beck searches for a murderer who killed two people on Christmas Eve.The investigation takes Beck inside the violent world of hate groups and white supremacists, who are hatching a deadly plot to attack even more innocent people.Beck must also confront his own personal demons, including his growing problem with alcohol, if he wants to track down and stop the violent gang before it is too late.......Dead bang is a movie that time has forgot, if it wasn't for the lead and a bizarre performance from Forsyth, you would swear that it was a TV movie from the early eighties. The biggest problem is, is that it's trying to be bigger than it actually is.It tries to make Johnson a new action star on the block, but it harks too much to films like Extreme Prejudice, and doesn't really have much going for it, apart from it being included in the never ending argument of 'Is it a Christmas movie?'Johnson is fine, but instead of playing it straight, it seems like he's going for a parody of his character, and at times he really hams it up, especially the scene he shares with Michael Jeter, where he is maniacally laughing for no good reason. It's supposed to be a serious scene, but it's verging on farcical.When you look at the film on face value, it's quite a bland whodunnit, with an exploitation angle with the added racism from everyone who isn't law abiding. William Forsythe is completely from another film, and although some of the sequences between him and Johnson are supposedly played for laughs, they are very uncomfortable to watch, and bring the film to a grinding halt.Add a couple of basic action scenes, and Johnson vomiting on a perpetrator, you have a really odd film that just doesn't sit right.Dead Bland.

Bang Bang You're Dead 720p Torre


Excellent direction as usual from John Frankenheimer. This movie gives you more than enough action and bang for your buck. Don Johnson is a homicide cop that stretches the rules; drinks too much; sleeps too little; is crude; foul mouthed and absolutely great. On Xmas morning, Johnson starts his trek to find a cop killer that is associated with a White Supremacy group. This hard headed cop follows his suspect to Oklahoma and Colorado before all hell breaks loose. On the trail of Johnson is a pansy, but arrogant FBI agent played by William Forsythe. Johnson gets help when he needs it from Tim Reid and his police department. Very entertaining and sometimes comical fact-based story from Jerry Beck.Penelope Ann Miller provides the all too short sexual content. Wow, what a charmer. And Michael Jeter plays a shrink that resembles Woody Allen.Have never really been a Don Johnson fan; but this role is a hell of a lot better than his TV Miami Vice persona. This is a non-stop attention grabber.


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