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Dread X Collection 3 Free Download

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Dread X Collection 3 Free Download

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  • As an employee of a secretive facility, wander its dark hallways and prepare for work. Ambiguous Situation: THE GAME. The player character is not even a real scientist; a collectible note talks about how the security guard you are heavily implied to have shot and killed died of overdose induced heart failure; researchers are not allowed to interact; some kind of screen distortion happens at the mention of your character getting nightmares from sleeping in his office; the insistence of staying the light when walking down the halls, with lights shutting off as you pass; the clown mask in the character's collection going missing and appearing in midair; the bloodstained lab coat; the list goes on....

  • Floating Mask: The clown mask does this at some point.

  • Gory Discretion Shot: The game Fades to Black when the player character shoots the security guard.

  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: The playable character works at one of these. One of the specimens escape in the end....

  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: The PC you play as freely admits that he never studied to be a scientist and just enjoys recording notes and results, which itself is dangerous when the subject of his studies involve human behavior.

  • Standard Office Setting: The game takes place in a highly secure office building of some sort.

  • Title Drop: The character says the phrase "The pay is nice." after almost every Internal Monologue. Possibly a Madness Mantra.....



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