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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading Hold Me Tight Sue Johnson Epub for Free

Hold Me Tight Sue Johnson Epub Download Site

If you are looking for a way to improve your relationship with your partner, you might want to read Hold Me Tight, a bestselling book by Dr. Sue Johnson. In this book, you will learn how to use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to create a stronger bond with your partner and overcome conflicts and distance. But before you buy or borrow the book, you might want to consider downloading the epub version instead. Why? Because epub is a format that offers many advantages over other formats, such as PDF or Kindle. In this article, we will explain what Hold Me Tight is, who Sue Johnson is, what epub is, why you should download it, and how you can do it.

Hold Me Tight Sue Johnson Epub Download Site

What is Hold Me Tight?

Hold Me Tight is a book that teaches you how to have a better relationship with your partner using EFT. EFT is a therapy approach that views the love relationship as an attachment bond, similar to the bond between a parent and a child. When this bond is threatened or broken, we feel anxious, angry, or depressed. To restore the bond, we need to have seven conversations with our partner that can help us understand and express our emotions, needs, and fears. These conversations are:

  • Recognizing the Demon Dialogues: How to identify the negative patterns of communication that create distance and conflict.

  • Finding the Raw Spots: How to discover the vulnerable feelings and unmet needs that trigger the Demon Dialogues.

  • Revisiting a Rocky Moment: How to repair a rift in the relationship and heal past hurts.

  • Hold Me Tight: How to create a safe haven of emotional connection and intimacy.

  • Forgiving Injuries: How to heal from betrayal, infidelity, or other wounds that damage the trust and security of the relationship.

  • Bonding Through Sex and Touch: How to use physical affection and intimacy to enhance the emotional bond.

  • Keeping Your Love Alive: How to maintain and nurture the relationship over time.

By having these conversations, you will be able to reestablish a secure emotional connection with your partner and enjoy a lifetime of love.

Who is Sue Johnson?

Sue Johnson is the author of Hold Me Tight and the primary developer of EFT. She is a clinical psychologist, a professor, a researcher, and a speaker. She has received numerous awards for her contributions to the field of couple therapy, such as the Order of Canada and the Family Psychologist of the Year from the American Psychological Association. She is also the founding director of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), which trains and certifies therapists in EFT worldwide. She has written several books and articles on EFT, such as Love Sense, The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, and Created for Connection. You can find out more about her and her work at

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a therapy approach that helps couples and families improve their relationships by focusing on their emotions and attachment needs. EFT is based on the science of attachment, which shows that humans are wired for connection and that emotional distress is caused by disconnection. EFT helps couples and families identify their emotional responses, understand their attachment needs, communicate their feelings and needs more clearly, and respond to each other with empathy and compassion. EFT has been proven to be effective in over 20 years of research, with 70-75% of couples moving from distress to recovery and 90% showing significant improvement. EFT is also used to treat individual problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic illness.

Why download the epub version?

If you are interested in reading Hold Me Tight, you might be wondering which format to choose. You could buy or borrow a hardcover or paperback copy, or you could download a digital copy in PDF or Kindle format. But there is another option that you might not be aware of: epub. Epub is a format that offers many benefits over other formats, especially for reading books like Hold Me Tight. In this section, we will explain what epub is, how to read it, and why it is better than other formats.

What is epub?

Epub stands for electronic publication. It is a format that allows you to read digital books on various devices and platforms. Unlike PDF or Kindle, which are fixed-layout formats that display the same content regardless of the device or screen size, epub is a flexible format that adapts to the device or screen size. This means that you can customize your reading experience by changing the font size, style, color, background, layout, orientation, etc. You can also add bookmarks, highlights, notes, annotations, etc. Epub also supports multimedia content such as images, audio, video, animations, etc., which can make your reading more interactive and engaging.

How to read epub files?

To read epub files, you need a compatible device and app. Most devices can read epub files with an app installed. Some devices have built-in apps for reading 71b2f0854b


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