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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) ... [TOP]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a 2011 neo-noir psychological thriller film based on the 2005 novel by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. It was directed by David Fincher with a screenplay by Steven Zaillian. Starring Daniel Craig as journalist Mikael Blomkvist and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander, it tells the story of Blomkvist's investigation to find out what happened to a girl from a wealthy family who disappeared 40 years ago. He recruits the help of Salander, a computer hacker.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) ...

Meanwhile, Lisbeth Salander is a young, brilliant asocial investigator and hacker whose state-appointed guardian suffers a stroke. He is replaced by Nils Bjurman, a sadist who controls Salander's finances and extorts sexual favors by threatening to have her institutionalized. Unaware she is recording him, Bjurman chains Salander to his bed and brutally rapes her. At their next meeting, Salander tasers Bjurman, binds him, rapes him with a dildo, and tattoos "I'm a rapist pig" across his chest. Using the secret recording she made, she blackmails him into securing her financial independence and having no further contact with her.

The title sequence includes abundant references to the novel, and exposes several political themes. Salander's tattoos, such as her phoenix and dragon tattoos, were incorporated. The multiple flower representations signified the biological life cycle, as well as Henrik, who received a pressed flower each year on his birthday. "One had flowers coming out of this black ooze," said Fincher, "it blossoms, and then it dies. And then a different flower, as that one is dying is rising from the middle of it. It was supposed to represent this cycle of the killer sending flowers."[32] Ultimately, the vignette becomes very conceptual because Miller and his team took "a whole thought, and cut it up into multiple different shots that are mixed in with other shots". In one instance, Blomkvist is strangled by strips of newspaper, a metaphor for the establishment squelching his exposes.[32]

There's also the problem of why Henrik continues to receive watercolors of wildflowers on his birthday, a tradition that his niece began and inexplicably has continued after her death. If you subtract computers, geeks, goth girls, nose piercings, motorcycles and dragon tattoos, what we have at the bottom is a classic Agatha Christie plot. The island works as a sealed room. I realize most people will be seeing the story for the first time with this version. Because it worked for me, I suspect it will work better for them, because everything will be new. I'm happy to have seen both. If I had a choice of seeing one or the other for the first time, I'd choose the 2009 version. It seems closer to the bone, with a less confident surface. Even the Swedish dialogue adds to the effect; in English, the characters are concealing secrets but not so uncannily concealing themselves. 041b061a72


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