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Naum Aksenov
Naum Aksenov

Lunar (2).exe

tried to play some RoR2 today. All cheats OFF. game crashed multiple times. gave error code that the .exe was NOT in the correct location for read /write in steam file. tried several times including restarting wemod launcher, restarting PC, testing with Steam already running and forcing Steam to open via Play from launcher.

lunar (2).exe

Download File:

I'm not aware of any way to run an .exe file without first putting it on disk. You would essentially need to write your own exe loader that worked from memory instead of disk and that would be no small effort.

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To reiterate: Rage 2 runs perfectly fine on Steam, even with Denuvo loaded on top of the game's executable file. There's been no difference between how it runs on Steam and how it runs on whatsoever, and you shouldn't expect varying performance between the two versions of the game, either. That said, it is a simple matter of fact that, while the version of Rage 2 has an .exe of about 50 MB in size, Steam's version is almost ten times the size. So how does this affect the game? 041b061a72


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