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Innocent Play [v0.2.2]

Living in a small town our protagonist is a stay-at-home brother looking out for his sister. A shy and innocent girl, but as he is exposed to her, his feelings will be revealed, will she be corrupted or will this be more than lust?[From]

Innocent Play [v0.2.2]


Living in a small town our protagonist is a stay-at-home brother looking out for his sister. A shy and innocent girl, but as he is exposed to her, his feelings will be revealed, will she be corrupted or will this be more than lust?

i like this game a bit, but mc is just a little dumb but at least you have a choice to be innocent or naughty. but what ruin this game is you can read what others have in mind (dialogues showing), these kind of thing should be avoided. because you will know if some of these character up to something

Hey! We've been able to leave Ukraine back in August, though few of our team members still remain there. How fucked situation is differs from city to city. For example, city where our parents and families live is one of the worst when it comes to blackout situation. Power grid has always been subpar there, but after bombings city is basically succumbed into darkness for 3 months, with electricity working around 3 hours a day, not every day. It got better like a week or two ago, but still not ideal. Obviously we're not even talking about the fact that almost all our family members lost their job, Young's (team leader and writer) father has been drafted to war, and all other stuff. But so far, everyone are alive, which is more than enough and we're incredibly thankful for that.Sadly, news are mostly accurate. Some of our cities are virtually deleted, there's nothing of them left, innocent civilians are still getting killed, frontline is a meat grinder, etc. But we're holding strong.

I have a question. Will there be an option to have less compressed visuals? I've been trying to play the latest updates and everything just feels in a way crusty. Sorry if this comes out wrong, it's just super noticeable for me. I love the game though and wish you all the best!

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It looks pretty innocent, but try a live example. In that example, click to make a couple boxes, pick a box, and follow its size. We want the size and spin to be tied to the box (denoted by color) and not the position in the grid. You'll notice that instead, the size ends up jumping suddenly up, but it stays constant with location. This means we need to give them keys.

Outlaw is a video game developed by Dylan Merchant and released as part of the update to HypnOS 2000. The game has a history of bugs and is responsible for bricking the player's headband on November 5th and causing the Mindcrash.

In Outlaw, the player takes control of an orange car on an endless multi-lane freeway filled with countless computer-controlled cars. The cars in the top lanes travel left, the ones in the bottom lanes travel right, and the middle is entirely devoid of traffic, making it a safe place to change directions. A Wanted Outlaw is displayed on the HUD at the top of the screen, and the player is tasked with tracking down that Outlaw and capturing them with their lasso ability.

The player has two "meters," both of which can be found in the HUD. The health meter represents the player's durability. When it is empty, the car will explode and respawn. The energy meter is the player's power. When it is gone, they cannot use their lasso or hover.

The arrow keys are used to move the player's car. The up and down keys switch lanes while the left and right keys speed up and slow down. Double-tapping left or right causes the car to turn and face that direction, assuming they aren't already facing the direction.

Capturing Wanted Outlaws will increase the Total Reward displayed in the HUD, while destroying innocent civilians' cars reduces the Total Reward. Exiting Outlaw will convert the player's Total Reward into Hypnocoins, making it the easiest way to obtain money without resorting to stealing from the Hax Godz.

V0.85 is the first version of Outlaw shown. It was introduced at the tail-end of the November 5th chapter as a pre-alpha. This version features hand-drawn artwork and a bug that bricks the headband of anyone who plays it. It is only accessible on November 5th and cannot be downloaded after bricking the player's headband, even when revisiting its page with the HAP.

V0.94 is the second version of Outlaw shown. This was the pre-beta version of the game. Unlike v0.85, v0.94 is both completely playable and completely optional. It features a five-lane freeway and more official-looking car artwork. It can be downloaded on November 26th from the same page that 0.85 was on.

V0.99.9 is the fourth version of Outlaw shown. This version is automatically installed onto all Hypnospace headbands and is what caused the Mindcrash. It is the only version of the game that isn't playable in any form. Like v0.85, it cannot be downloaded using the HAP.

V1.0 is the fifth and final version of Outlaw shown, and it is only accessible at the game's very end. While the previous versions were meant as actual games, v1.0 is more of a tribute to the victims of the Mindcrash and an apology from Dylan to both them and their families. It can be downloaded from its own page in the present day, which Dylan links to the player in an email after all of the evidence against him and Merchantsoft has been gathered.

The classic courtroom adventure series that has sold over 6.7 million copies worldwide is finally here. Become Phoenix Wright and experience the thrill of battle as you fight to save your innocent clients in a court of law. Play all 14 episodes, spanning the first three games, in one gorgeous collection. Solve the intriguing mysteries behind each case and witness the final truth for yourself!

Unlike other Characteristics such as Main Skills, Lewdity Stats can both increase and decrease over time. Like all skills, they can be grinded and leveled up, but they may also decay over time. They may be otherwise affected by player action or inaction.

The only exception to this rule is when the player plays in Hard Mode, a setting that can only be selected when starting a new game. Playing in Hard Mode removes the decay of Promiscuity, Exhibitionism and Deviancy, making Trauma and Control increasingly difficult to manage. However, should the player end up in the Asylum, the game mode will be set back to Normal Mode, and the aforementioned Lewdity Stats will increase or decrease.

Awareness defines how perceptive the player is regarding sexuality. It affects how the player views the world and how they are able to respond to it. Meager Awareness will make the player innocent and unwitting to certain events in the world, while high Awareness makes the player acutely aware of sexual acts, suggestions, kinks, and the lust of others. Awareness affects flavor text in a variety of events. High Awareness also grants the Controlled/Uncontrolled Hallucinations trait.

Purity will increase by one point each passing day, or three if the player has the Virgin trait. It is lowered if the player ejaculates inside someone or gets ejaculated inside of (including beasts and tentacles), orgasms during any masturbation sessions, drinking lewd fluids (like breast milk) or engages in tribadism by rubbing clits together (only above 45 points of vaginal wetness).

If the player wears clothing marked with the "Holy" trait, their Purity gains (and losses) will be multiplied (It stacks, so a full set of holy clothing gives 5x purity gains/losses). Examples include the Holy Pendant, as well as any church-related clothes such as the nun's habit and monk's habit respectively. This also has the effect of masturbating in the Temple making the player feel defiled afterwards.

The feat boost "Daily purity boost" increases daily purity gained by up to 5 points per day and "Daily impurity boost" increases daily impurity gained by up to five points. These boosts manifest as the Purity boost and Impurity boost trait respectively; can be applied when starting a new game and must first be unlocked. Note that they do not prevent the player from acquiring any transformation.

The Angel transformation requires the player to reach and maintain maximum Purity for 50 days to obtain, and high purity must be maintained to keep this transformation. It also requires the Virgin trait, as losing this trait locks the player out of reaching max Purity. The player loses the transformation if they are not consistently at max Purity at the end of each day.

If the player loses the Virgin trait, they will obtain the Fallen Angel transformation and hit maximum Trauma instantaneously (only during a non-consensual encounter). Purity will then decay over time until it hits zero, causing the player to transform into a Demon.

How physically fit the player is. This is mostly a combat stat; the higher it is, the more capable the player is at defending themselves. It is capped by their Body size. There are some encounters and events that take this into account.

Physique will degrade if the player does not get enough daily exercise. Initially just going to swim class and choosing to 'Focus on the lesson' is enough to maintain it, but it can be harder at higher levels where the player will need to try harder to train it frequently. Unlike other stats, the player starts in the middle instead of at the bottom.

How strong the player is mentally. Similarly to Physique, this works as a combat stat. The higher it is, the better. Usually, the player is disabled for three turns as they convulsed in an overwhelming ejaculation/orgasm or disabled indefinitely while suffering overwhelming pain. The more Willpower the player has, the higher the chance that they will overcome the 'stun'-like effects. Additionally, meditation effectiveness at the Forest Lake is determined solely on how much Willpower the player has. Note that Willpower decays automatically by a small amount each day. 041b061a72


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