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Eyeshield 21 Dubbed

Eyeshield 21Original Titleアイシールド21Aishīrudo nijūichiOriginal Language JapaneseDubbing Studio StudiopolisVoice DirectorTony OliverTranslation & AdaptationJackie McClureJessica RenslowMatt Del GiudiceRecorded2007Dub Country United StatesOriginal Country JapanEpisodes1455 (dubbed)Year2005-2008

Eyeshield 21 Dubbed


The anime series was later licensed in North America by Toonami Jetstream as a joint effort with Viz Media, and aired on December 17, 2007 on its site, but before its completion, the streaming service was shut down, with only 5 episodes dubbed. The whole series would later be re-licensed by Sentai Filmworks and released on DVD subtitle-only.


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