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Episode 01: XY

Talonflame is the final evolved form of Fletchling. It's the first Pokémon that evolved in Ash's Kalos team. Talonflame usually helps the gang to find stuff. Fletchling evolved into Fletchinder in a sky battle with a Talonflame. 50 episodes later, Fletchinder evolved into Talonflame in a battle with a wild Moltres while trying to protect Ash and his friends from a Moltres' attack. Then it learned Brave Bird. Talonflame usually helps Ash to find certain things, together with Noivern. Its moves are Flame Charge, Brave Bird, and Steel Wing.

Episode 01: XY

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MOLLY: So it's not X and Y as a whole, it's one tiny piece. So back in the first episode, there were those primordial germ cells. And they had to go on that super long journey to get to the gonad cathedral. And on the journey, when they got to the cathedral they were full of potential, right? They could be anything. They could be male, they could be female, they could be whatever your version of anything is. And then when they get there, there's a moment where, like we said, fate stepped in and just -- whoosh! -- like, swept all their possibility away and said, "You are one thing, and this is the thing you will be," This gene is fate. This gene these scientists discovered, if it shows up then you shoot off down the path that is sperm, testis, male. And if it doesn't show up, you shoot down the path of egg, ovary, female. And the scientists gave this gene a name, SRY.

MOLLY: So I called Blanche Capel, who's the geneticist from our first episode. And she explained that what all this means is that that other path, the path that you did not take in the gonad cathedral, it never went away. It's actually still there. You carry it with you always. It's just that that gene has been shushing it.

MOLLY: This is ridiculous. The third episode is basically about how we all carry in us, like, the opposite self that we never became. So -- so I called Mom because I was like, "What would male Molly have been like? Like, did you guys have, like, a name for male Molly?"

MOLLY: This episode is reported by me, Molly Webster, and produced by Matt Kielty with additional production help by Rachael Cusick. Pat Walters was our editor. Scoring, mixing and original music by Alex Overington and Matt Kielty. The Gonads Theme and The Ballad of Daniel Webster were written, performed and produced by Majel Connery and Alex Overington. Special thanks for this episode go to Erica Todd, Andrew Sinclair, Robin Levelbatch and Sarah Richardson. Thank you to composer Erik Friedlander for allowing us to use his work Frail As A Breeze Part 2 and musician Sam Prekop, whose work A Geometric from his album The Republic is out on Thrill Jockey. I think you should sign up for the Radiolab newsletter. You might think, "A newsletter? What's the big deal? Everyone's got one. But in our newsletter, you're gonna get a bunch of staff picks telling you about super cool things we discovered while reporting this series. Sign up at or text gonads to 2701-01.

The first part is titled "XY." In this episode told from Castle's lens, Beckett is officially installed as the captain of the 12th precinct. But before the couple can fully relish the latter's success, a mysterious stranger takes Beckett captive, a situation that has Castle springing into action to save his wife.

This episode will also be used to "redefine a few things" in the new season as Beckett takes on the role of captain: Castle's daughter Alexis sharing the same office with them and the whereabouts of Victoria Gates, who Beckett succeeds as captain.

Episode 08 of our podcast is here! Veteran security researcher Rich Barger joins hosts Will Gragido and Thomas Fischer for a conversation on the less discussed, non-shiny side of threat intelligence operations. With a long background of research and leadership positions at Splunk, ThreatConnect, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, and more, Rich brought a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of threat research, analysis, and intelligence operations to our discussion. Tune in below to get tips for optimizing your own threat intelligence program and subscribe via iTunes to keep up with new episodes every month. 041b061a72


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