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The Real Story of the 1983 Truth or Dare Tragedy and Its 2017 Sequel

Truth or Dare (2017): A Deadly Game of Horror

If you are looking for a scary movie to watch this Halloween, you might want to check out Truth or Dare (2017), a supernatural horror film directed by Nick Simon and written by Thommy Hutson and Ethan Lawrence. The film stars Cassie Scerbo, Brytni Sarpy, Mason Dye, Harvey Guillen, Luke Baines, Ricardo Hoyos, Alexxis Lemire, Christina Masterson as eight college friends who play a game of truth or dare in a haunted house, only to discover that they have to answer honestly or perform dangerous tasks, or else they will die. The film also features Heather Langenkamp as a survivor of the same game from decades ago.

truth or dare (2017)

Truth or dare is a popular party game that involves asking someone a question that they have to answer truthfully, or giving them a challenge that they have to do. The game can be fun, funny, embarrassing, or risky, depending on what kind of questions and dares are asked. But where did this game come from? According to some sources, it dates back to ancient times, when people would use it as a way of testing someone's courage or loyalty. In some cultures, it was also used as a form of divination or fortune-telling. However, in modern times, it is mostly played for entertainment or social bonding.

The Haunted House

The film's plot revolves around a group of eight friends who decide to spend their spring break in Mexico. They meet a mysterious stranger named Carter at a bar, who invites them to join him at an abandoned church for some fun. There, he suggests that they play truth or dare, and they agree. However, they soon realize that this is not an ordinary game, but a cursed one that has been haunting the house since 1983, when seven teenagers played it and died horribly. The only survivor was Donna Boone, who was forced to pour acid on her head as her final dare.

The house itself is a creepy and ominous setting for the film. It is dark, dusty, and full of cobwebs and broken furniture. There are also signs of violence and death everywhere, such as blood stains, bullet holes, knives, ropes, and candles. The house also has a hidden basement where Carter reveals his true intentions and where Donna's corpse is found. The house seems to have a mind of its own, as it locks them in and communicates with them through texts, mirrors, phones, TVs, and radios.

The Rules of the Game

The game that Carter introduces them to is not like any other truth or dare game they have played before. It has three main rules: 1) You have to do whatever the game asks you to do; 2) You can't quit or refuse; 3) If you lie or fail to complete your task, you die. The game also knows everything about them and their secrets, and their fears, and uses them to create twisted and cruel truths and dares. Some of the examples of the tasks that the characters have to face are: - Tyler has to tell the truth about cheating on his girlfriend Alex with her best friend Maddie, or else he will be electrocuted. - Maddie has to dare to stab Alex in the chest, or else she will be shot in the head. - Jesse has to tell the truth about being gay and having a crush on Tyler, or else he will be hanged. - Lucas has to dare to cut off his tongue, or else he will be suffocated. - Olivia has to tell the truth about being pregnant with Carter's baby, or else she will be burned alive. - Carter has to dare to kill himself, or else he will be tortured by Donna's ghost. The game not only tests their physical and mental endurance, but also their moral integrity and loyalty. It exposes their lies, betrayals, and secrets, and forces them to confront their guilt and shame. It also makes them question their friendship and love, and whether they are willing to sacrifice themselves or others for their survival. The Consequences of the Game

As the game progresses, the characters start to die one by one, either by failing their tasks or by being killed by their friends. The game also becomes more violent and sadistic, as it makes them do things that are more painful and humiliating. The characters also start to lose their sanity and hope, as they realize that there is no way out of the game. They also start to blame and distrust each other, as they discover each other's secrets and motives.

The game also has a deeper impact on their lives and personalities. It makes them face their inner demons and regrets, and forces them to make hard decisions that affect their future. It also challenges their beliefs and values, and makes them question what is right and wrong. It also shows them the consequences of their actions and choices, and how they affect others.

The Twist and The Ending

The film has a major twist that reveals the true origin and purpose of the game. It turns out that Carter is actually the son of Donna Boone, and he is the one who created the game as a way of avenging his mother's death. He explains that he was born with a deformity due to the acid that his mother poured on her head, and he grew up in an orphanage where he was bullied and abused. He also says that he found out about his mother's story from a newspaper article, and he decided to track down the descendants of the people who played the game with her in 1983. He then lured them into playing the game with him, using his charm and charisma. He also reveals that he rigged the game so that he would always get easy truths or dares, while the others would get harder ones.

The film ends with a final showdown between Carter and Alex, who are the only survivors of the game. Carter dares Alex to kill him, saying that it is the only way to end the game. Alex hesitates, but then decides to shoot him in the chest. However, Carter reveals that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and he shoots Alex in the head instead. He then declares that he has won the game, and he walks away from the house with a smile on his face.

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Truth or Dare (2017) is a horror film that explores the dark side of human nature through a deadly game of truth or dare. The film has a gripping plot, a creepy setting, a surprising twist, and a shocking ending. The film also has some interesting themes and messages about friendship, trust, honesty, morality, revenge, and fate. The film is not for the faint-hearted, as it contains graphic scenes of violence, gore, torture, and death. However, if you are looking for a thrilling and terrifying movie experience, you might enjoy this film.

If you liked this film, you might also like some other films or games that involve truth or dare or similar concepts. Some of them are: - Truth or Dare (2018), another horror film based on the same game - Nerve (2016), a thriller film about an online game of truth or dare - Would You Rather (2012), a horror film about a twisted game of would you rather - Saw (2004), a horror film about a serial killer who traps his victims in deadly games - Never Have I Ever (2020), a Netflix comedy series about a group of friends who play never have I ever


  • Is Truth or Dare (2017) based on a true story?

  • No, Truth or Dare (2017) is not based on a true story, but it is inspired by the popular party game of truth or dare. The film also references some historical and cultural aspects of the game, such as its ancient origins and its use as a form of divination or fortune-telling.

  • Who is Donna Boone and why is she important to the film?

  • Donna Boone is a character who played the game of truth or dare in 1983 in the same house where the film takes place. She was the only survivor of the game, but she had to pour acid on her head as her final dare. She died shortly after, and her ghost haunted the house and the game. She is also the mother of Carter, the main antagonist of the film, who created the game as a way of avenging her death.

  • What is the difference between Truth or Dare (2017) and Truth or Dare (2018)?

Truth or Dare (2017) and Truth or Dare (2018) are two different films based on the same game, but they have different plots, characters, and settings. Truth or Dare (2017) is a supernatural horror film that takes place in a haunted house in Mexico, where a group of friends play a cursed game that kills them if they lie or fail to complete their tasks. Truth or Dare (2018) is a supernatural thriller film t


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