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Burnbit ? A Website For Creating Torrent Files Out Of HTTP Linked Files

Burnbit A Website for Creating Torrent Files out of HTTP Linked Files

Torrents are one of the most popular ways to share files online. They allow users to download large files from multiple sources, without relying on a single server. However, not every file is available as a torrent, especially if it is hosted on a direct HTTP link. What if you want to share a file that you found on a website, but it is not a torrent? Or what if you want to download a file faster by using both the direct link and the torrent peers?

The answer is Burnbit, a web service that lets you create a torrent file out of any HTTP linked file. Burnbit has a motto: "If a file exists, there is a torrent of it. If not, it will be burned." This means that you can turn any downloadable file into a torrent, and share it with others. You can also use Burnbit to download files faster, by combining the direct link and the torrent peers.


How to use Burnbit

Using Burnbit is very simple. All you need is the URL of the file that you want to create a torrent from. You can get the URL by right-clicking on the download link and choosing "Copy link address" or "Copy link location". Then, go to [Burnbit's website] and paste the URL in the field provided. Click on "Burn" and wait for Burnbit to process your file.

Burnbit will scan the file and generate a torrent file that you can download. You can also see some information about the file, such as its size, name, type, and hash. You can also customize some options for your torrent, such as adding trackers, comments, and web seeds. Web seeds are HTTP sources that can be used to download the file along with the torrent peers. This can increase the download speed and availability of the file.

After you download the torrent file, you can open it with your favorite torrent client, such as [qBittorrent] or [Transmission]. You will see that the torrent has one web seed, which is the original HTTP link of the file. You can also see other peers who are downloading or seeding the same file. You can start downloading the file from both the web seed and the peers, and enjoy faster speeds and better reliability.

Benefits of using Burnbit

There are many benefits of using Burnbit to create torrents from HTTP linked files. Some of them are:

  • You can share any file that you find online as a torrent, without having to upload it to a torrent site or tracker. This can save you time and bandwidth.

  • You can download any file faster by using both the direct link and the torrent peers. This can be useful for large files that have slow or unstable HTTP servers.

  • You can increase the availability and longevity of any file by creating a torrent from it. This can prevent files from being deleted or lost due to server issues or legal actions.

  • You can contribute to the torrent community by seeding files that are not available as torrents. This can help other users who are looking for those files.

Limitations of using Burnbit

While Burnbit is a useful and innovative service, it also has some limitations that you should be aware of. Some of them are:

  • Burnbit can only create torrents from HTTP direct downloads. If the file that you want is not from that category, you cannot use Burnbit. For example, you cannot use Burnbit for files that are hosted on FTP servers, cloud storage services, or streaming platforms.

  • Burnbit requires that the download URL is alive and stable. If the URL changes or expires frequently, Burnbit may not be able to create a valid torrent from it.

  • Burnbit does not support HTTPS links. If the URL starts with you have to remove the s before using Burnbit.

  • Burnbit does not allow creating torrents from copyrighted files without explicit permission from the author. If you do so, you may violate the law and face legal consequences.

  • Burnbit does not allow creating torrents from pornographic materials. If you do so, you may violate the terms of service and get banned from the website.


Burnbit is a web service that lets you create torrents from HTTP linked files. It can help you share files online, download files faster, and increase file availability. However, it also has some limitations that you should be aware of. You should use Burnbit responsibly and legally, and respect the rights of the file owners and the torrent community.

If you want to learn more about Burnbit, you can visit their [website] or read their [FAQ]. You can also follow them on [Twitter] or [Facebook] for updates and news.

Have you ever used Burnbit to create or download torrents? What do you think of this service? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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