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Executive Coach | Vizag To Araku Train | Executive Coach In Train BETTER

VISAKHAPATNAM: A major accident was averted after a coach of Visakhapatnam-Kirandul train (08551) derailed while approaching Sivalingapuram station in Kottavalasa-Araku section on Tuesday morning.The train, which has departed from Visakhapatnam at 6.45 am, was derailment after covering 71 km at Sivalingapuram at 9.15 am, which is 19 km from S Kota .

Executive coach | vizag to Araku train | executive coach in train

Vistadome is an ultra-modern coach made by the Integral Coach Factory of Indian Railways. These coaches have features that include large glass windows, glass roofs, rotating seats, and an observation lounge, so passengers can witness breath-taking glimpses of mountains, greenery, and beaches. In addition, Vistadome coaches have a seating capacity of 44 and they are equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, and infotainment systems giving passengers the most luxurious experience of travel on the train.

Made in India Vistadome coaches are characterized by see through the glass rooftop and luxurious interiors. These coaches are also called tourist coaches. Following are the unique features of a Vistadome coach that makes it different from the conventional train coach of Indian Railways.

Most of the trains on the above-mentioned routes are provided with a single Vistadome coach whereas trains on Kalka Shimla Railway and Nilgiri Mountain Railway have been provided with two coaches. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has the maximum number of Vistadome coaches (total 4 coaches).

Train No. 01007/01008, Deccan Express Special train on Pune-Mumbai route has Vistadome coaches. Passengers can enjoy the scenic beauty of Matheran hill (Near Neral), Songir hill (near Palasdhari), Ulhas River (near Jambrung), Ulhas Valley, and areas of Khandala, and, Lonavala on this route. There are beautiful waterfalls, and tunnels on the South East Ghat section which will leave you amazed while travelling on this train.

Get a ride on Train No. 12051/12052, Dadar Madgaon Janshatabdi Express to enjoy the scenic beauty of Konkan Railways. Vistadome coaches have been attached to these two trains which are highly popular among travellers in this route.

Vistadome coach has been attached to Train No. 58501, Visakhapatnam-Kirandul Special train for the convenience of tourists. Also, Indian Railways has advanced the timing of this train to increase the occupancy rate during the return of the train.

In addition to this, the Indian Railway is planning to launch 49 more Vistadome trains on various routes. Currently, there are 15 narrow gauge coaches out of 41 Vistadome coaches in service. These coaches are seen as a boon to tourism through trains.

Once the payment has been done, and the booking has been made successfully, you will get a confirmation SMS and Email from IRCTC. Remember, the fare of Vistadome tourist couches is in line with the executive class chair car of the Shatabdi Express trains.

Travelling experience in Vistadome coach is mesmerising. The Close-up view of tunnels, valleys, and waterfalls will make you lean forward from your seat while gazing at them from the window. If you are travelling on a hilly route, you may see clouds moving through the roof-top of the coach of your train. You can try 180-degree rotation of the seat to always face towards the window, no matter the train moves in which direction. All this with delicious snacks and food help enhance the travel experience in a Vistadome coach.

Aiming to provide a delightful travelling experience to the picturesque Araku valley at Visakhapatnam, the Railways on Sunday introduced a see-through Vistadome coach on its Visakhapatnam-Kirandul passenger train.

The tourists can now sit relaxed in their seats and get a clear view of the breath-taking Anantagiri ghat section, Lambasingi, Borra caves and the tunnels along the route, from the Vistadome coach, unlike the crammed train compartments.

The process of booking a Vistadome coach is fairly simple. Log on to the IRCTC website, and select Executive Chair Car (ECC) while booking your ticket. Doing that will shortlist the trains that have these coaches and allow you to book a seat on your preferred train.

With an aim to make the train experience comforting, German- made Vistadome Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) railway coaches were introduced in India last year. Indian Railways' Integral Coach Factory in Chennai has also cleared the Vistadome tourist coaches which are expected to be rolled out soon. The coaches will be part of those trains which pass through tourist locations where the passengers can indulge in sightseeing. So far, some of the routes where these coaches are installed by the Indian Railways are Dadar and Madgaon, Araku Valley, Kashmir Valley, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Kalka Shimla Railway, Kangra Valley Railway, Matheran Hill Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

Considering the rise in number of tourists, the East Coast Railway (ECoR) has decided to run a special train between Visakhapatnam and Araku. This exclusive train is available only between 30 December, 2021 and 16 January, 2022. The train starts at 7:30am from Visakhapatnam Railway Station and reaches Araku Railway Station at 11am. From Araku, the train departs at 2:30pm and reaches Visakhapatnam Railway Station at 5:30pm. A unique Vistadome coach, with a glass roof, is being added to the train from 5 January, 2022 to 16 January, 2022. The Vistadome coach gives the passengers a better view to enjoy the scenic beauties on the way to Araku. Apart from the Vistadome coach, this train also consists of eight Second Class coaches, and two Second Class cum luggage coaches. The fares are Rs. 85 and RS. 985 for Second Sitting (2S) and Executive Class (EC) respectively.

While it was earlier announced that the train services between Visakhapatnam and Araku will be resuming sans the Vistadome coach, the latest announcement comes as a welcome development. It may be noted that these services were halted in March this year due to the pandemic. 041b061a72


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