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X-VPN Mod Apk: Unblock Websites and Apps with One Tap

Nowadays, with the Internet being restricted by your governments, network providers, and sometimes, even the services themselves, Internet users are finding themselves having less and less freedom when going online. Not to mention that the limited and restricted content also greatly reduced their Internet experiences. Hence, to counter this, many are choosing to go for VPN services, which allow them to access the Internet via the unfiltered and unrestricted tunnel connections.

x vpn mod apk

With X-VPN, Android users will have a simple yet convenient and fully-featured mobile app for enabling the tunnel connections on any of their devices. All you need is to install and enable the app to allow X-VPN to automatically configure and set up your tunnel connection. This would allow you to enjoy the unfiltered and unblocked Internet connections on the go.

Have no troubles using the simple and convenient VPN app of X-VPN with its one-touch connections. Enjoy the customizable VPN protocols with many options. Make use of your X-VPN account on multiple devices. Have access to the many servers and worldwide locations, each allowing you to enjoy the app to the fullest.

Make uses of the Kill Switch, App Preferences, Private browser, and other useful tools in X-VPN to improve the in-app experiences. Enjoy the customizable app UI in X-VPN. Choose your preferred languages from many options. The list goes on.

Most of the in-app features will require certain access permissions on your Android devices. So make sure to always consider the prompting requests and accept them so you can enjoy the more functional application of X-VPN.

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Similar to and Super VPN, Android users can enjoy the one-touch VPN connection in X-VPN with little trouble. All you need is to open the app and tap on the Connect button. This will automatically configure the network settings and allow you to connect to the VPN network without any hassle. Feel free to use X-VPN on any of your mobile devices with your cellular or Wi-Fi networks enabled.

Here, the app will automatically look for the fastest servers that you can connect to, so you can enjoy the better speed with X-VPN. Or alternatively, you can enable the Stable Connection mode, which will take longer to connect, but allow you to access the most stable servers.

With 11 different VPN protocols being available, X-VPN users will have no troubles finding the right connections for your certain settings. Feel free to enter the app and work with the multiple settings whenever you want. Make uses of their many features and functionality so you can have the best protocols installed.

For those of you who are interested, you can now have up to 5 different devices connected to your one single X-VPN account. This will allow you to enjoy seamless VPN connections and protect your personal data on all your different smart devices. Enjoy the more secured online experiences throughout your entire ecosystem with X-VPN.

With the Kill Switch being available, X-VPN users can protect their Android devices from unwanted Internet breaches, in which the app failed to connect to its tunnel connections and leak your data. Simply enable the Kill Switch to allow X-VPN to automatically turn off the Internet connections once the VPN networks are disrupted. X-VPN will only proceed to enable the network if you have the VPN connections back alive. This will make sure that all your private data is well-protected.

For those of you who are interested, you can now choose to customize your different uses of the VPN connections. Have no troubles selecting whichever apps or games that you wish to run using the tunnel networks and which one needed to be excluded. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the app with your own personalized experiences.

And with the private browser of X-VPN being available on your mobile devices, you can also use the app to directly browse any websites, reading online articles, and explore other pages with complete anonymity. Here, you can easily access the Internet and browse your online web pages without having any privacy issues, thanks to the built-in browser.

Start by having the secured encrypted connections to enjoy surfing the Internet anonymously, protect your personal activities, and secure your Wi-Fi connections. Also enjoy the many security tools, so you can connect to the Internet without leaving any traces.

And of course, with the no-log policies, the app will make sure that none of your in-app is recorded and sent back to Free Connected Limited. Thus, allowing mobile users to enjoy their absolute security and privacy when using the app.

With the app being available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, French, Bengali, Azerbaijani, Burmese, Persian, and more, mobile users will have no troubles enjoying the fully-featured and functional app on their mobile devices. Simply select your native languages and start enjoying the app on the go.

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely customize the in-app UI with your different settings. Start by using the Light Theme for better visibility during the day. And use the Dark theme to sooth your eyes during the nights. Here, the many visual experiences in X-VPN will allow you to enjoy your interactions to the fullest.

X-VPN Premium is the most advanced version. It has unlimited features but the free version. Anywhere, anytime, you can surf the web fast and safely. Even when there are problems with the internet such as broken fiber optic cable X-VPN still ensure speed and stability. The basic mechanism of operation, you will be connected to the network via the IP address on the server of the application. Your real IP will not be public, X-VPN as security layer. Here we learn some of its functions offline.

To avoid exposing your IP when accessing the internet. This feature automatically disconnects the network when X-VPN is off, ensuring absolute safety for users. Turn on this function because it controls well when the signal goes wrong.

In addition to IP, DNS is also a concern. DNS Leak Test helps check DNS problems while in use. If there is anything it will show you. This is also a consolidation function that helps X-VPN maintain safety.

Is your IP checking support correct with the connected server? All information will be displayed through a separate testing tool extremely accurate. If there are any errors in the use process, please report them immediately. Of course, the probability of such situations is extremely low.

You can use the web browser inside the application instead of other web browser software if you want. X-VPN MOD optimizes everything to make the best internet access. Data and cache you can delete after use. Very convenient and useful, right?

When choosing a server, X-VPN has three incentive modes, all and streaming. Its purpose is to make it easier for users to find the server they want to live with. In addition to the basic needs, if you want to play games or watch X-VPN videos also have a very good private server. Download X-VPN MOD APK from now on, your internet access is always protected at the highest level.

It still works fine, really no difference whatsoever regarding the experience between these two versions. If you want a newer version, download it again. We have just made a new MOD version. Thanks for your respond!

Whenever we use the public internet connection or other websites available on the internet that can harm our information. There are many hackers and thieves that can steal your data from your IP address. When you are searching something on a website the main thing is the security of your data and information. Nowadays thieves and hackers can easily steal your data with just the access to your IP address. Those hackers will steal your data with the speed of light and you will never think that your data is stolen.

So, for complete data security and your other information you have to use the X-VPN Mod APK. X VPN Mod APK is the best VPN app that guarantees you to secure and save all types of information and data from any hacker. With this application you can secure your data and stay anonymous on any website that you are using on your different devices. There are many websites that are not available in regions. So, for that purpose we have to use the VPN connection.

This is the standard version of this application. This application is a virtual network which is used as a private network for the user. This application helps the user to save their data and connect to the different websites that are blocked and not available in their region. When you connect with the blocked websites this application secures your data and hides your actual IP address. This application provides fast browsing which means you can use this app and connect with any website without having any lagging problem in this application. You can download this from the Google Play Store.

The cracked version is more advanced of this application compared to the standard version. This track version allows the users to get access to the premium features for free. All the features in this version are completely free. The user can establish the internet connection with other servers that can be international or national. There are no time limitations to use in this application as many other VPNs give the time limitation to their users. This application modified version can unlock any website. You can check the credibility of any server with this modified version. Also, this application modified version to use different protocols that blocks all the threats and the user can use this application with the smooth convenience. This modified version is completely free from any unwanted ads that can disturb your usage of this application.

VPN connection is a virtual private network which helps you to save your data. This is a very useful and valid application which gives the full assurance to secure your data. You can use this application to unblock any website or any unblock content. You can use this app anytime regardless of any place. This application hides your real IP address and replaces it with the fake IP address. This application controls are very easy so you can use this app without having any problem and complexity.


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