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THE 99.9 FM - Nothing Is 100%

99.9 FM is a 2005 Indian film directed by Sanjay Bhatia and produced under the banners of 2 Gram Films and P.R Films. The film stars Shawar Ali, Raima Sen and Dipannita Sharma in lead roles. The film follows the plot of a radio jockey (Shawar), despite being married, gets entangled in a love triangle with an air-hostess.

THE 99.9 FM - Nothing is 100%


Gautam Singh (Shawar Ali) meets Sonali (Dipannita Sharma) an air-hostess and gradually he develops feelings for her. However Sonali breaks up with Gautam, leaving him distressed and heart-broken. However, he meets Kim (Raima Sen) and marries her. Gautam is a radio jockey at a radio station named "99.9 FM" based in Mumbai. The couple's lives goes well until Gautam meets Sonali again, re-awakening his love for her. Sonali proposes Gautam to marry her and asks him to divorce Kim. However, a reluctant Gautam has no reason to divorce his wife, which makes Sonali upset and she leaves Gautam. A devastated and helpless Gautam has no other option till the point where he makes up his mind to live with Sonali. He conspires against Kim and kills her with a revolver. Before killing Kim, Gautam had planned to elope with Sonali. But the guilt of killing his wife hurts his conscience and he confesses it to Sonali. Sonali, who was waiting for Gautam, gets broken after the confession made by him. She walks away and Gautam tries to evade the law by escaping from Mumbai and police. However, the police arrest him from the highway and he is sentenced to death for killing his wife. The next night shows Sonali being the new host to the channel in the place of Gautam.

I have seen many developers writing HTML or CSS inline style widths of 99.9% in places where I would use 100%. Is there any valid reason for using 99.9%? Does it have any effective difference from 100%?

EDIT to retweet MSalters' very good question: Considering that 99.9% is one pixel off above 500 pixels, why not 99.99%? I'd guess he's right, that if you're going with the dirty hack you should use 99.99%, does anyone disagree?

Setting the width to 99.9% is one way to trigger it. The reason you would use 99.9% is because layout is given to an element if its width is set to anything other than auto. Setting it to a percentage prevents the need to use a fixed width.

After some testing in jsFiddle, I've come to the conclusion that it really isn't necessary to to use a width of 99.9%, using a width of 100% is just as effective. (IE-Only). It seems that setting width to 99.9% may have been a common misconception which stuck.. Spread the word people.

It's true width of anything but auto and zoom trigger hasLayout, and zoom is the more flexible property/value since it doesn't mess with the width but I don't think that's the reason why you saw the developers use 99.9%.

Our alcohol and fragrance-free baby wipes have nothing to hide. Waterful baby wipes contain 99.9% purified water, a hint of natural citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract and sodium benzoate (a natural preservative, found in cranberries, prunes, cinnamon & apples.)

Did you know that all wipes are not made the same? Waterful are made with 99.9% purified water and are approved by the Skin Health Alliance, accepted by the National Eczema Association, certified by Leaping Bunny (No animal testing) and The Vegan Society and are also Gluten Free.

  • processing.... Drugs & Diseases > Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery Middle Ear Function Updated: Nov 16, 2021 Author: Alan D Bruns, MD, FACS; Chief Editor: Arlen D Meyers, MD, MBA more...

Share Email Print Feedback Close Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp webmd.ads2.defineAd(id: 'ads-pos-421-sfp',pos: 421); Sections Middle Ear Function Sections Middle Ear Function Overview What is Sound? External Ear Middle Ear Eustachian Tube Muscles of the Middle Ear Assessment of Middle Ear Function Show All Media Gallery References Overview Overview The primary function of the middle ear is to offset the decrease in acoustic energy that would occur if the low impedance ear canal air directly contacted the high-impedance cochlear fluid. [1] When a sound wave is transferred from a low-impedance medium (eg, air) to one of high impedance (eg, water), a considerable amount of its energy is reflected and fails to enter the liquid. If no middle ear were present, only 0.1% of the acoustic wave energy traveling through air would enter the fluid of the cochlea and 99.9% would be reflected. [2]

Went to see doctor, but could only see his PA. She dismissed me as nothing serious, took xrays(I insisted) & wrote a rx for a z-pak(I insisted). It was a infuriating visit & I came away feeling like I was a waste of her time.

With any sort of flap case, like this one, you absolutely need to actually close the protective flap when you are talking on the phone, or it will do nothing to reduce your exposure.

One thing that I like about their product description, is that they admit right away that although the anti-radiation membrane that their phone cases utilize can block up to 99.9% of RF radiation, the case itself only reduces it by 91% since it is only the front flap that is blocking anything.

Air tube headphones, on the other hand, have a speaker that is about halfway down the cord, which sends the sound up a tube of air to your ears. This moves the source of the radiation far enough away that your exposure is cut to almost nothing (see the image to the right to visualize this).


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