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[S2E5] While You Were Away

Alex: Well, a lot happened while you were away. Noma and I survived the aerie. Made it all the way to New Delphi. Hell, we even captured a Dyad. Michael: A Dyad?Alex: Yeah, Julian.Michael: Alex, a Dyad is far stronger than any 8-ball. Julian will want the markings for himself. Please you must come with us.Alex: Who's us? Michael: Gabriel.Alex: You came here with Gabriel?

[S2E5] While You Were Away

There were subtle indications (opens in new tab) that this connection was coming and even if you missed those, lest we forget how "Discovery" tapped into "The Original Series" back in the Season 3 two-part episode "Terra Firma" with the Guardian of Forever. And while there's nothing wrong with this, it would be nice to see these throwbacks developed further, rather than appearing to be casually-regarded, short-lived references used when new ideas seem to be thin on the ground. Perhaps we'll learn more about the backstory of Laris Tallinn later, but given the rapid turnaround of guest-star characters in this show so far, it feels unlikely. And we'll come to that too, a little later.

Jonah was attacked by the creature that has been killing both human and fae. This creature freed Vignette. When you start looking at who the creature is attacking, they have all been connected to Vignette in some sort of way. The human was the guy on the train Vignette wanted to save, while Dahlia and Bolero were at the top of the Black Raven, causing a threat to Vignette.

Meanwhile, Paula has already contacted the mayor and "encouraged" him to ask the NYPD to allow Castle to stay. With the Mayor facing re-election and her work with Castle good publicity, Montgomery orders Beckett to keep Castle around until those books are done. Horrified, Castle insists to Beckett that this wasn't his idea, but she is furious. Before Beckett can respond, the phone rings... it's another murder. Beckett strolls away to get on with her job, pauses with a half-smile, turns (during which time the smile takes a vacation), and asks irritatedly what's happened to her shadow. They both run out to fight crime together as the screen fades.

The work was also meant to advocate for equality for all and the ending of racial violence. Douglas himself experienced racism and discrimination while working at a Cadillac plant in Detroit. I gained a lot more respect for him and his work because it takes a lot of courage to speak up and inform others of injustice and equality. In fact, while these paintings were on display at the exposition, many people were shocked to learn that the artist who made these paintings was African American. 041b061a72


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